Cloud PBX plays an increasingly important role because businesses will save a lot of infrastructure costs, save calls, diverse management capabilities and ease of scalability.

Cloud PBX is an effective solution for businesses to save a lot of costs

PBX is an indispensable device for any business. Currently, the traditional switchboard is gradually no longer suitable for the increasing demands in businesses. Therefore, the Cloud PBX system is the most effective alternative, it brings a lot of convenience in business activities. To understand more about this switchboard, please consult with ODS immediately the information in this article.

1. What is Cloud PBX?
Cloud PBX is when using a virtual cloud platform (virtual switchboard) that will provide businesses with a reliable and secure office phone system through the Internet. Works similar to other traditional PBX systems but all will be hosted in the cloud instead of on premises.

Cloud PBX provides businesses with an office system via the Internet

This is considered an effective solution used by many businesses today. This PBX can be easily expanded but still maintained at low cost. Since there is no need to equip hardware, employees in the company can use it anytime, anywhere but still save money.

2. How Cloud PBX works
The virtual PBX service provider will install, set up and configure the software to connect with the enterprise’s infrastructure. Thanks to that, your business will not have to spend as much investment as a traditional switchboard. In addition, businesses are also quickly put into application to serve business, it does not take much time to install.

Because it is built on the cloud platform, the Cloud PBX will have its own way of operating. Accordingly, this switchboard will not operate as a trunk power line, but rather through WAN, LAN or collectively known as the Internet.

3. Features of Cloud PBX
Enterprises are easily managed online via cloud switchboard

Cloud PBX system brings a lot of benefits in terms of features and flexibility, such as:

Ringing group: Used to sort employees by job group or department.
Call queue: This queue helps manage your calls by arranging callers in a queue and holding them until someone picks up the call.
Unlimited Calls: Cloud PBX allows employees to make multiple domestic calls at no extra charge.
Support for mobile devices: In addition to desk phones like traditional PBXs, Cloud PBX users will be able to connect via mobile phones. This helps customers to have remote access, more flexible and convenient.
Online management: System administrators can make changes such as adding users, assigning phone numbers, creating groups or viewing reports of each call, each month, from an online portal. Employees can access the online portal to check voicemail, view contacts, and set up.
Voicemail to Email: Employee mailboxes will receive recordings of voicemails, audio files, etc. that you send to them.
Instant Messaging: Instant messaging feature allows users to message online.
Web / Video Conferencing: Users can conduct video meetings that allow screen sharing. Up to 1000 participants can be allowed in a call.
Extended dialing: Just dial a few default numbers instead of dialing the entire long and hard to remember phone number.
Flight attendants call automatically: Instead of having an employee on duty to listen to the switchboard, there will now be a virtual assistant, called an automatic attendant. This automated attendant will answer calls and forward to the appropriate staff.

4. Benefits of using a Cloud switchboard
It is not just a coincidence that businesses switch from traditional PBX to Cloud PBX. Simply because this switchboard brings a lot of benefits, points like:

Greatly reduce investment costs
This is the most prominent benefit of a Cloud switchboard because businesses will not spend as much on system investment as in a physical switchboard. Accordingly, all installation, setup, and administration work is done via the Internet and using the company’s intranet.

Especially, calls to other departments and branches are completely free and unlimited in time. As a result, businesses will save more than 50% on phone charges per month.

Statistics and quick call recording
This switchboard will record and record calls between employees and customers clearly. As a result, every step of customer care, working skills, and consulting methods are also adjusted in a timely manner.

At the same time, businesses can evaluate the working efficiency of each employee through the number of calls from the Cloud switchboard.

No need for a technical team
When using a Cloud switchboard, businesses will not need a lot of money to manage personnel, maintain or maintain the system regularly. Because the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance have been carried out by service providers on their infrastructure.

Easy to expand and upgrade
The operating structure of the Cloud switchboard is very simple, so everyone in the business can manage and use it. In case the business opens more branches or has new employees, expanding the system will be very easy without necessarily needing an IT team.

Connect to software and support cross-platform
The Cloud PBX system provides APIs to help businesses quickly connect to CRM, sales, ERM customer care software, etc. In addition, the virtual switchboard also supports multi-platforms on laptops and computers to desks, smartphones, etc. so staff can easily support customers anytime, anywhere.

Cloud PBX provides reliable service
For many businesses, phone communication is the backbone of day-to-day operations so reliable service is a must. Landline phone systems use copper cables to relay phone calls, but this type of cable is often very susceptible to natural disasters, wear and tear, vandalism, etc., causing your phone services to be discontinued. prolonged activity.

The cloud PBX system will use the Internet, which means that the business phone service will be as strong as the Internet connection. Because your information is in the cloud, your system will have little or no downtime in the event of a problem.

5. CloudFone saving virtual PBX solution
You already know the features and benefits of Cloud PBX and the solution to help businesses save effectively is CloudFone. This switchboard will bring businesses outstanding benefits such as:

Support employees to work better, easy to use, work from anywhere, talk to multiple parties at the same time, listen to recordings, etc.
Enterprises can easily manage employee features, configure the switchboard, and manipulate remote administration.
Easy integration with other platforms through API connection such as: Call on Website, Click To Call, CRM / ERP integration, Zalo OA / Microsoft Teams, …
In addition, businesses also save on internal calling costs, monthly phone charges, optimizing costs for personnel management, maintenance, infrastructure, etc.
cloud switchboard 5
CloudFone will bring many outstanding benefits to businesses

The benefits mentioned above, if your business wants to switch to CloudFone virtual switchboard, contact ODS now. We provide suitable service packages for each business such as:

START package for businesses with 10 or more people. Support IVR recording, 10 speed dial numbers, 10 simultaneous calls…
GROW package for 20 people or more. Supports 20 fast numbers, 20 calls at the same time, and in addition, free cloud data storage up to 10GB…
EXPERT package for 50 people or more. With less than 1 million VND, you can own 50 fast numbers, connect 5 numbers and make up to 50 calls at the same time.
SUCCESS package for businesses of 100 or more people. 100 fast numbers, 100 concurrent calls and 40GB of free cloud storage, good security and cross-platform support…

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