Today, security threats on the cloud computing platform are clearly present. One of them is the Ransomware attack on Cloud Server.

Protect Cloud Server Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a fairly new form of security attack. Using sophisticated malware, spread to Cloud Server and encrypt SaaS data. And the cost to ransom and recover data is estimated at 41,000 USD (in 2019). However, according to the study, the actual total cost of a Ransomware attack for a company with a size of 50 people has reached the threshold of 73,000 USD.

Ransomware is always looking for every opportunity to attack in cyberspace and is a “fat bait” for Hackers. Just like businesses want to maximize their profits. Hackers are also constantly searching and expanding into new “markets”. And attacking cloud computing services, especially Cloud Server, is a perfect opportunity.

Why does Ransomware attack Cloud Server?
Facing the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic during the past time. Many businesses still maintain their growth momentum thanks to the change in the scale of working on the cloud platform such as MS Team, Zoom, etc. That is also the reason why the phishing attack taking place on the Cloud platform has increased. up 667% since the pandemic started.

Cloud computing services, especially Cloud Server, become a very important part. Bring success to your business in recent times. Today, a large part of companies are using cloud services such as G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, DropBox, etc. Cloud-based services connect a large number of users to create an ecosystem. This is an opportunity not to be missed for hackers. Assuming there is a Ransomware attack that targets all organizations like G Suite, Microsoft 365 or Salesforce, the economic damage will be huge.

How to protect data on Cloud Server against Ransomware attack?
Absolutely protecting businesses against Ransomware attacks is not easy. However, you can reduce the risk and impact of attacks with some of the ways that ODS CLOUD shares below.

Continuous SaaS monitoring
To monitor your SaaS environment 24/7, you can rely on the support of 3rd party vendors. They can quickly identify new Ransomware attacks in real time, alerting immediately instant and provides you with advanced incident response scenarios. The ML/AI algorithm is one of the key elements of the solution for improving false positives and automating the process to greatly reduce the human factor.

Implement anti-phishing solutions, especially via Email
Deploying an anti-phishing monitoring solution will make it easier for you to detect and prevent Ransomware attacks in time. Especially against email scams. A large portion of phishing emails today are designed to run Ransomware attacks against Cloud Server.

Regularly back up data on Cloud Server
Focusing on data backup is the solution that you should prioritize. To protect Cloud Server against Ransomware attack and minimize damage. Use an independent cloud backup provider to back up your sensitive SaaS data to securely store it on Cloud Server. AWS, GCP and Azure or local players like ODS are the most reliable and secure cloud storage services available today.

Choose ODS’s reputable and quality Cloud Backup service

Monitor and assess risks with 3rd party cloud apps
To ensure the security of Cloud Server against Ransomware attack. You should monitor and assess risks to third-party applications. Installed by your staff. Examples include Chrome extensions, add-ons, iOS apps, Android apps, etc., and any app that has access to your SaaS data.

Raise employee awareness of data security
Constantly raising employee awareness. By conducting training sessions on security awareness, data privacy. You can use online tools to help you do this.Raise employee awareness about information security and privacy

In addition, continue to perform all necessary data security work. Especially manage access rights and edit data files. Issue clear privacy policies. And update your employees’ knowledge. On cybersecurity issues through company training.

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