On-Premise Private Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud are currently popular solutions. However, you need to have an assessment of these 2 types of services to make the right choice.

The following article will help you understand how these two types of private virtual server services differ. But first, let’s learn about Private Cloud first.

Private Cloud Overview

Private Cloud has flexible scalability.

Private Cloud (private virtual server) is a service provided only to internal users through a private intranet, instead of the public or the Internet. Private Cloud is a form of Cloud Computing (cloud computing). It is completely different from Cloud Server (virtual server).

Private Cloud possesses many of the same outstanding features as Public Cloud, including: flexible scalability, support for control and customization of specialized resources in hosted computing infrastructure.

In addition, it also ensures greater privacy and security with internal storage and firewall systems. This gives businesses peace of mind as their important data will not be accessed by third parties.

Dedicated virtual server service providers will be responsible for the management and you will not have to spend money to hire personnel in this regard.

On-Premise Private Cloud – what is an on-premises server solution?
Currently Private Cloud includes 2 separate services that are On-Premise Private Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud. In particular, On-Premise Private Cloud (on-premises server solution) allows you to deploy the service right at the company.

Private cloud

Users have full control over security when using the On-Premise Private Cloud service.

Accordingly, you need to invest in server space as an internal data center to host your Cloud Servers. On-Premise Private Cloud is more secure because it is located within your own company and managed by your own team of IT experts. This solution has advantages such as:

Users have full control over scalability, security, and server configuration. However, depending on the size of the data center, you have limited scalability.
You can provision virtual servers to other small businesses in your data center. They will host the Website on servers that you manage.
You can add or remove many additional resources and services according to your needs. In particular, you can create the best Cloud environment with the right IT experts.
What is Hosted Private Cloud?
Hosted Private Cloud is a shared hosted virtual private server solution. Essentially, providers will provide you with Cloud servers in their own data centers.

Providers will be responsible for security issues with Hosted Private Cloud.

The benefits of this solution are many, the most prominent are:

With Hosted Private Cloud, the third party will be responsible for security management. As for On-Premise Private Cloud, it is the business that must invest in security measures and controls.
You will get additional resources, scalability options, technical support and a user-friendly control panel when using this solution.
You can sign up and use all the services around the provider’s Private Cloud at a much cheaper cost.
Helps to save maximum maintenance costs, costs of purchasing hardware resources, labor costs and system maintenance.
Obviously the On-Premise Private Cloud solution gives you good control over the server. However, you are solely responsible for the costs incurred and maintenance issues.

In addition, when you want to upgrade the system, you will have to spend a large amount of money to buy expansion resources and new applications.

With Hosted Private Cloud, you will not have to pay for hardware, software license or maintenance costs to use the service.

In particular, downtime and hardware failures are minimized, system scalability is unlimited…

The choice of On-Premise Private Cloud or Hosted Private Cloud depends on many factors as well as the needs of the business. To implement one of the two services mentioned above, your business needs to carefully and carefully consider and evaluate the effectiveness, benefits, and infrastructure.

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