Analysis of Data Storage Solutions for Enterprises

Data storage is considered one of the leading factors determining the success or failure of many businesses today. So which data storage solution for businesses is the most optimal in the current digital transformation era? Let’s find out together!

The world is entering a digital transformation boom. This requires a strong transformation of businesses to keep pace with the development trend of the whole world. In particular, one of the decisive factors determining the success or failure of every business is data.

In a society with modern means and extremely sophisticated methods of stealing information, keeping information confidential, safe as well as easy and flexible is extremely important for every person. enterprise. Therefore, it can be said that data storage solutions for businesses are the key to success in the current digital transformation era.

On-premises enterprise data storage solutions
On-premises storage is a traditional data storage solution for businesses, which has been applied by many units for many years. This solution gives businesses the initiative in data management, but also has many limitations.

Specifically, on-premises storage is a form of storing original data on one or more servers. This server is managed by the enterprise itself, can be located at the corporate office or in a separate data center (for large enterprise units). Since the business itself is a direct data store, they have full control over this data source.

Therefore, the enterprise is also the unit directly responsible for providing the appropriate IT infrastructure as well as having security measures for the convenient and safe data storage.

In addition to providing the initiative in data control, on-premises data storage solutions also have many disadvantages. It costs the business to maintain operations along with the maintenance costs of the server system. In addition, security is not guaranteed if hackers get into the server and steal data.

In addition, when businesses want to expand their storage systems, on-site storage solutions are also not flexible, requiring the purchase of new equipment, costing procurement and time to install the transport system. onion.

Data storage location rental solution (Collocation)
Collocation – Data storage colocation is one of the data storage solutions for businesses chosen by many units. Instead of having to deal with the unexpected problems that arise that our units are not capable of solving; or have to pay for huge costs for the operation, maintenance, cooling, and power consumption of the server. Many businesses have decided to choose a more secure and flexible solution by renting data storage locations in data centers.

This is also considered one of many good practices that many businesses have applied to reduce risks in building their own data storage systems. Because if you build your own storage system without enough capacity, it will likely create many security loopholes for hackers to take advantage of to infiltrate and steal data.

In addition, when not sure in the design and construction of IT infrastructure to store data, it will most likely cause unnecessary loss and waste for businesses.

Using a data storage location rental service also makes it easy for businesses to add new features to the data storage system by choosing the connection option of the rental unit.

With the support from the lessor, businesses will easily control their data sources and use them flexibly and easily without worrying about encountering any unexpected problems.

Work remotely more flexible with Public Cloud
Public Cloud is considered a flexible and convenient data storage solution for businesses, especially for small and medium businesses. Because these businesses do not have too large database systems.

It is unnecessary to build a data storage system because it is wasteful. The data storage location rental solution is also not appreciated, because the Public Cloud cloud storage platforms have also provided businesses with many highly scalable storage resources.

Especially with the form of Public Cloud storage, each employee of the enterprise will also have easy access to the remote data system, ensuring work efficiency and performance even when working from home during the epidemic. sick. This flexible storage also reduces latency in sharing data for multiple units at the same time, thereby improving work efficiency.

Data storage solutions for businesses with Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a data storage solution for businesses with many advantages that Public Cloud storage solutions possess but with higher security.

Private Cloud uses a virtualized server to store the entire data system, so it has absolute security and easy maintenance while still providing full features like a device. ordinary physics.

Depending on the needs and actual conditions, businesses can choose for themselves the most suitable data storage solution in the above 4 solutions.

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