Cloud Computing security breaches are one of the most sensitive issues. Even the giants in the technology field have encountered terrible attacks.

7 Most Terrifying Cloud Computing Security Breach

Cloud computing security is a burning issue today. It not only causes huge damage to data and recovery costs, but also greatly affects the reputation of the brand/business. Even the giants in the technology field have been victims of security attacks. Here, let’s learn about 7 most terrible Cloud Computing security breaches ever with ODS CLOUD.

1. Microsoft
One of the famous Cloud Computing security breach events, not to mention technology giant Microsoft. In late 2010, Microsoft encountered a huge security problem, stemming from a configuration in the Business Productivity Online Suite. It allows unauthorized users of the Cloud service to access employee information in the offline address book. Microsoft said that customers had access to their data, and it fixed the issue two hours after it happened. Although the impact is not large, this incident still attracts considerable attention. This is not only a major Cloud Computing security breach, but also a harbinger of upcoming breaches.

A big name in the technology industry like Microsoft has also experienced a Cloud Computing security breach

2. Dropbox
In 2012, hackers broke into more than 68 million Dropbox user accounts — including email addresses and passwords — representing nearly 5 Gigabytes of data. According to the investigation, the stolen information was brought to a “black market” and sold with Bitcoin virtual currency. At that time, this amount corresponded to about $ 1,141. Dropbox has asked all users to reset passwords across the Website from its user base. At the same time, they also delve deeper into some general information about their ongoing commitment to information security.

3. National Electoral Institute of Mexico
In April 2016, Mexico’s National Electoral Institute became the victim of a Cloud Computing security breach in which more than 93 million voter registration records were leaked. Most of the time, records data was lost because the database was so poorly configured that important information was exposed. At the time, the organization was storing data on a less secure Amazon Cloud server and was hosted outside of Mexico.

4. LinkedIn
Business-focused social media channel – LinkedIn has experienced a serious Cloud Computing security breach. About 6 million user passwords were stolen. Then all of them were published on a Russian forum in 2012. However, the problem did not end here. By May 2016, hackers continued to steal and sell on the Dark Web about 167 million LinkedIn email addresses and passwords. To solve this problem, besides changing the password, LinkedIn has implemented two-factor authentication technology. This is an optional feature that forces users to enter an OTP code before logging into their account.

Hundreds of millions of LinkedIn user account information has been hacked and publicly sold

5. Home Depot
DIY retail brand Home Depot has suffered heavy financial consequences after an extremely large cybersecurity breach. An attack that occurred in 2014 exploited the Home Depot point of sale terminals at the lines for months before being discovered. This event affected about 56 million credit card information, making it the largest data breach at the time. Home Depot must have paid out more than $100 million to settle lawsuits and compensate consumers and financial institutions affected by this Cloud Computing security breach.

6. Apple iCloud
As one of the giants of the technology world, Apple has also become a victim of Cloud Computing security attacks. Specifically, private photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities (stored on Apple iCloud platform) have been leaked on the Internet. The victims at first assumed that someone had hacked their personal phones. However, that is not the case, but because the personal iCloud service has been completely compromised. To fix this problem, Apple has required users to use stronger passwords and introduced a notification system when suspicious account activity is detected.

7. Yahoo!
Today’s major websites are using cloud infrastructure almost exclusively. Internet Pioneer Yahoo is the same way. It took three years to fix the full damage, but Yahoo finally revealed the Cloud Computing security breach that occurred in 2013 with “huge” numbers. Approximately 1 billion user accounts were compromised in this attack. The leaked information includes full name, email address, date of birth, questions and answers to security questions. This attack is recorded as the largest data breach in history and has nothing to do with the breach of 500 million accounts a few months earlier.

Yahoo’s most terrible Cloud Computing security breach event with about 1 billion user accounts leaked

Cloud-based data storage has both advantages and disadvantages in terms of security. According to recent research, security Cloud Computing is considered an important benefit and also the biggest challenge of cloud computing for IT professionals. Addressing and preventing security concerns is the only way to get the most out of cloud technology.

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